by admin on 23/05/2010

– Apple Vinegar can be used cleaning purposes. In addition to this feature, it can also be used to block out undesirable odors. Lets think, you fried something in the kitchen and the smell is still there. You will see the perfumes or any other nice smell additions will not help. Instead of them, put 2 cups of water into coffee pot and add same amount of apple vinegar into it. Leave it to be boiled slowly on the low heat. You will sense that the odor will be blocked out as the water is boiled.

– We all use polisher in our dish washers. I will be recommending a bit natural solution for the polisher within the days we are all living with the chemicals. You will see that the vinegar is also working as polisher. When you put apple vinegar into your dish washer, you will see that it works better than the chemical solutions. And it will be natural.

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